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I have 10 years old, 4 years old daughters and a baby boy.  Before heading out to the store, I always talk to my big kids about safety when getting out of the car into the store.  

When arriving to the store parking lot, I don’t let my big kids come out of the car until I have my baby boy in my baby carrier. Once I get my NursElet diaper bag, I get my big kids out of the car with me being on their side the whole time. 

We walk over together into the store. My kids know  to hold onto the shopping cart and not walk far from where I’m.


Since these day, we hear a lot of storied about kidnapping kids even in big stores, a potential kidnapper can be anywhere watching your every move. Always keep an eye around you and be vigilant to your surroundings.  After leaving store, you may want to make sure that someone is tailgating you or not. If you feel anything is suspicious, you may go directly to nearby police station directly or place where you feel safe. 

A kidnapper can be anyone at the store parking lot and in store. A nice and sweet lady could be a kidnapper! They could distract you by chatting with you while heir partner tries to kidnap your child.  

I didn’t want to scare you to go out with kids however little extra safety checklist help a long way. Better safe than sorry. Be safe and watch your kids.  

-Sandra Caballero


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