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Rupal Asodaria infant massage motherhood guide

I remember when my kids were young; my mother told me that how important was to do baby massage. She taught me few basic steps when she visited us. I used her guidance to do baby massage with olive oil.

Olive oil is very rich in nutrition and most likely to have in our home! Infant massage is very important for baby’s development and blood circulation. It does not only help to calm down baby but also helps in many different ways.


Benefits of Infant Massage:

  • It eases symptoms of constipation
  • It relieves the symptoms of infant reflux
  • Develops muscle tone and helps with immune system
  • It also promotes relaxation routines to assist with sleep and settling

It also helps you to understand your baby’s non-verbal communication.

There're many oils and lotions available in the market for infant massage. You may want to apply on small area to your baby's skin before applying on baby's entire body. It may not be suitable for baby's sensitive skin. Once you know what are suitable for your baby's skin, you may start it gradually. If you have any concern, consult with your pediatrician.

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