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Organization is very essential factor to save our sanity these days.  We collect lot of things and keep them lying around us without serving their purpose sometimes.

Earlier this year, I read a book called Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.  I felt like though I knew how to tidy things up, I was missing the whole point. Tidying up things should be one time, once done, there is no need for tidying up it again but just occasional check in.


I’m so thankful for her teaching. I felt like her teaching is actually an Art of living.

Here are the things I learned from her book Spark Joy:

  1. Sort things by category.

We often make mistake by sorting things by location. Huge NO! Always sort things by category; not by location.

According to her, purge and organize in this order:

  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Komono (miscellaneous items) and Sentimental mementos
  1. Make this a onetime event

Tackle each category entirely. “If you tidy just a little every day, you’ll be tidying forever.” Instead follow the systems that work for long run.

  1. Keep only items that “Spark Joy”

Go through and hold every item that you own, giving away anything that doesn’t make you feel happy. Cherish the items that remain.

  1. Apply gratitude

Thank giveaway items for their service and purpose before you let them go.

  1. Use what you already own

Don’t start by rushing to buy special organizers you hope will do the work for you. You can reuse shoeboxes as drawer dividers or for other organization purpose.

Also invest in things which could Spark Joy to you. I love plants and flowers, so I brought lot of indoor plants and flowers because they do Spark Joy to me!! 

Ask yourself if it sparks joy when you do your organization next time!

PS: With your NursElet, you can reuse your prior clothes which spark joy to you during breastfeeding!

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