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Our Story 


They say necessity is the mother of invention, and for this homegrown brand, it's true. I was fortunate enough to breastfeed both my children for two years, a beautiful gift I was so grateful to give them. I noticed, though, that I was slowly developing an acute back pain and neck strain due to improper posture and unclear latch while feeding my little one. When nothing worked out to relieve and soothe my pain, I had to invent something. Time, care, and trial-and-error produced the result: NursElet® Bracelet - the essential bracelet for nursing mom. EST Oct 2015.

NursElet® Bracelet is a very convenient and easy nursing bracelet that helps breastfeeding mothers to secure their shirts from falling on the little one and eliminates the need of holding the shirt with hands while breastfeeding or pumping. When nursing is done, it can become her bracelet to remind her which breast to use next. This pretty and practical accessory will make breastfeeding easier for mothers.

After nursing two babies and proudly donating breast milk to my local milk bank, I've definitely put in my time hunched over with a shirt in the way. I created this nursing bracelet to help other moms avoid the problem altogether.

My hope is to provide all possible comfort to the breastfeeding mother and to encourage her to continue breastfeeding journey with her little one as long as she can. This multi functional innovative accessory will surely simplify her early and important years of motherhood.

Your support and love inspired me to create further more pretty and practical essentials from Maternity to Modern Parenthood to make parenting easier!

Each of our products is proudly made in SF bay area, CA. I am sure you will love your new NursElet® accessories as much as I do.

Thank you. Your friend - Rupal