They say "Necessity is the mother of invention" and it truly was in my case. 


Just like every mother when I breastfed my baby, I used to hold my shirt with armpit, neck and chin until I slowly started developing back pain and neck strain. When there was no solution to solve my problem, I got an IDEA...NursElet! A patented Nursing Bracelet to hold mother’s shirt up while nursing or pumping that can also be used as a nursing reminder bracelet. Pretty and practical lifesaver for every nursing mom!

I bought my first sewing machine and started working on my prototype. After getting positive feedback from a local lactation consultant, a pediatrician, and new moms, I launched our product in 2015. Since then, we've been providing comfort to breastfeeding moms over 35 countries. 

It’s so fascinating to see that the idea which I started from kitchen table is now grown into a full maternity brand loved by parents from all over the world.  

Many mothers give up breastfeeding their babies because of back pain or neck strain. Our hope and intention behind our products are that no mother feels the need to give up breastfeeding because of that. We hope NursElet will help you simplify your early and the most important years of parenting. 

Rupal Asodaria

Inventor, Owner and Founder 

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