Rupal Asodaria

Often times, we forget who we are specially becoming moms as we get lost in our busy life raising kids. However we need to remind ourselves one more time that WHO IS SHE?

This morning I had a chance to attend one graduation ceremony in Fremont Adult School. As I started hearing names and their qualifications, my pen started writing on a piece of paper. 


  • She is an intentional
  • She is funny
  • She is caring
  • She is warm hearted
  • She is determined
  • She is soft spoken
  • She is an asset to any team
  • She is full of joy
  • She speaks her plans into future
  • She is ambitious and ready
  • She is confident and poised
  • She is positive
  • She is dedicated
  • She is kind
  • She will win any challenge
  • She is always on time
  • She is phenomenal
  • She is inspiration
  • She is brave
  • She is fire
  • She is thoughtful
  • She is leader
  • She is mentor
  • She is innovative
  • She is awesome

Last but not least, There is always one silent killer in a room!

Feel free to add about WHO IS SHE?

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  • Kathy on

    She is strength
    She is hope
    She is loyal

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