When should I pump? Find Pumping Schedule Sample to simplify your pumping journey.

Rupal Asodaria

Though we try so hard to remember when to pump we often forget about it in this busy life. It's truly overwhelming to remember When Should I Pump?


To solve this genuine problem of all pumping moms, one of our #NursElet Mama has put together this pumping schedule hoping it might help other pumping moms to plan ahead and make their life little easier. 

Of course, it might not work for all but it might give you an idea that what could be yours. Feel free to edit/update yours according to your and your baby's need.


Hope this schedule help you in your pumping journey. Do you set an alarm or use any technique to remember this very important daily activity during your precious breastfeeding journey? Please let us know in the comments. We would love to know. It might help our moms #NursEletTribe

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