When I didn’t find any, I created one! NursElet.

Rupal Asodaria

3 years ago I was recovering from back pain and neck strain, with a newborn baby and toddler being a full time mom with no help except from my hubs. (my both families live overseas in India). When I visited dr., I came to know that my pain was a result of improper posture during breastfeeding position. I searched high and low to find solution to solve my struggle, when I didn’t find any, I created one! NursElet.


I took some sewing classes in our local Newark Library and bought my first sewing machine from Costco. I didn’t know even what was called bobbin. Now ask me!! I used some leftover fabric from home to make my first prototype and I took it to local lactation consultants, pediatricians and lot of new moms! They loved my idea. My product worked! YES!! It worked!

No prior knowledge in this industry, I filed my own utility patent because I believed my guts! I can’t keep up with the demand of selling my product to more than 30 countries and making each and every NursElet by my hands. I realized I needed help! Fortunately I’ve found it locally.


Starting a business, as a complete happy accident, has been the greatest, craziest journey I have ever been on. I am so thankful for the support that myself, and my family, has been given over the last 3 years. I would never have survived all the growing pains without the love, patience, feedback and support from all of you, so thank you thank you thank you for being here.

In celebration of 3 years anniversary, I’m running deals and giveaways throughout this week. So feel free to follow us on social media FB and IG for details.

Xoxo, Rupal


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