Trump signs breastfeeding law, giving moms a clean, accessible, private room in every airport

Rupal Asodaria

Goodbye Bathroom Breastfeeding! New Law Requires Lactation Rooms in All Major U.S. Airports
Breastfeeding moms, rejoice — nursing and pumping in airports will finally get a little bit easier thanks to a new law that requires all major U.S. airports to have a lactation room.
Breastfeeding moms now have a right to clean, accessible, private room in every terminal.
Duckworth proposed this in 2015 when she was traveling a lot with her first born, “Finding a clean, private space to breastfeed or pump breast milk in an airport can be burdensome and stressful if not impossible. It’s not uncommon for moms to be directed to a bathroom. We would never ask our fellow-travelers to eat their meals in a bathroom stall, but we ask new mothers to pump breast milk or breastfeed on a public toilet seat.”
Also required are changing tables in both women’s and men’s airport bathrooms.

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