What to say to a breastfeeding shamer

Rupal Asodaria

A mom has important things to worry which is her baby’s health, comfort, & needs.

nurselet-breastfeeding-rights-Compliance-with-breastfeeding laws

If her baby is hungry and needs to eat, a mom’s first thought shouldn’t have to be what everyone else thinks.

Here are what a breastfeeding mom should say to a breastfeeding shamer;

•I'm sorry, there isn't enough for you too!

•I have a second one, if you're thirsty too.

•If you are offended by me doing this, then you are looking too closely.

•There are weirdos out there, yes. There are strange people with all kinds of fetishes that I’m not going to bother myself with. The fact that some guy might have a foot fetish isn’t going to keep me from wearing flip-flops

•He'll be done in a minute if your hungry

•it’s a fact that breasts are used in sex by people. Just like mouths & tongues, and no one has a problem seeing those being used in public for non-sexual purposes.

•I'm sure there are web sites available for people like you who enjoy staring at breastfeeding mothers, you don't have to do it in public!

•I’m not sure why you’d avoid teaching your kid the fact that as mammals, humans drink milk from their mothers, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine.

•If you want to tell your child that what a nursing mom is doing is wrong or inappropriate or disgusting or whatever, go ahead. That is your opinion, that’s not fact. Either way, it’s a teaching opportunity.

•If you do support breastfeeding at all, letting your child see it might just be the greatest gift you can give them.

•If anyone is afraid of seeing a big scary evil partial breast, perhaps you should leave now.

•Your face offends me but I don’t ask you to cover it up while I eat.

•I’ll go feed my baby in the bathroom when you go eat your lunch on the toilet.

•You’re just jealous that you don’t get an in-flight meal.

•I’m just hoping he chooses a local college so I can nurse him there when he gets thirsty!

Hope these helps.

nurselet-breastfeeding-rights-Compliance-with-breastfeeding laws

We need to normalize breastfeeding and not worry the shamers. They don’t know the whole important information about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is amazing for babies.

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