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Rupal Asodaria

What is a Nursing Bracelet?

What are NursElet Bands Nursing Bracelet?

What is a NursElet Nursing Bracelet?

What is a Nursing Bracelet used for?

What is a Nursing Band?

NursElet itself says it all Nurs(ing) (brac)Elet however, let us explain in details. 

If you have any of the above questions, you came at the right place. NursElet Nursing Bracelet is a mommy invented and a patented Nursing Bracelet which can hold mother’s shirt up while nursing or pumping which can also be used a breastfeeding reminder bracelet. Fashionable and functional, little luxury for every new mom.


Our Nursing Bracelets are made from high quality material with great attention to details. These breastfeeding shirt holders can convert any shirt into breastfeeding shirt and eliminated needing to re-position your shirt during breast feeding or breast pumping. Nursing Bracelet can be used as a breast feeding reminders to know which side left or right side to feed on next. 


Mother often forgets that which side to use in next session and it creates stress. NursElet can become your reminder bracelet. 

Breastfeeding positions play a vital role in breastfeeding continuation. Nurse in comfort is the key for happy and healthy breastfeeding relationship with your child. NursElet can provides hands-free breastfeeding to maximize your milk flow or multitasking.


Our Nursing Bands are adjustable, reusable, plastic-free, metal-free, eco-friendly and sustainable. Safety is our top priority and our NursElet Breastfeeding Bracelets are safe for baby and safe for mommy. No cheap plastic or harsh metal. Eco-friendly and organic to promote healthy lifestyle from start on.


Mother does not need to compromise on style during breastfeeding hence we offer our NursElet Breastfeeding Clip in many patterns and styles to choose from.

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