Hand Expression Breast Milk 101

Rupal Asodaria

Hand Expression Breast Milk
Hand expression can be used to express colostrum prior to birth, for a baby who is struggling to latch, to relieve engorgement or blocked duct and to increase milk supply, by removing more milk.


To hand express, make a ‘C’ shape with your thumb & fingers around the breast, near/around your areola. Move your fingers and thumb together rhythmically, you may need to press back slightly & move your fingers around to experiment where works for you. You can move your hand around your breast to different areas to fully drain your breast if necessary. Massaging your breast may be helpful prior to expression.


Store your breastmilk storage bags at room temperature for 6 hours, in the fridge for approximately 6 days, in your freezer for 6 months and deep freezer for 12 months.

Blog is submitted by Sandra Caballero. Graphics by Rupal Asodaria

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