Watercoloring Basic 101 - 10 Steps To Consider Before Starting Water Coloring?

Rupal Asodaria

            10 Steps To Consider Before Starting Water Coloring

I’ve been water coloring for a long time. I have a passion for colors so water coloring is obvious medium that I work often with. However until recently I figured it out when I tried to abstract some sketches that inspired me to make a note hoping it might be helpful to you guys.

READ these steps before you start water coloring art work:

  1. Water coloring paper type (Hot Press or Cold Press)
  2. Water coloring paper detail (140 lbs. / 300 GSM)
  3. Masking tape (to stick on table so paper doesn’t move)
  4. Plan ahead your color palette (what colors are needed)
  5. Limit max 5-6 colors for harmony. 3-4 colors are advisable. Don’t mix two to three colors together
  6. Sketch light. Water colors are meant to be transparent and pencil mark may show. Use soluble color pencil which can be erases throughout process by itself.
  7. Save white space on art
  8. Start with very watery transparent color and darken as you go. Sometime you may hide some mistakes through lifting process.
  9. Let water color dry if you don’t want to mix two colors. You may work on two parts of same drawing at a time to save time.
  10. Clean brushes between colors. Use 2-4 water cups to clean brushes. Clean your water frequently because it might affect art as water gets muddy. Little piece of water color scrap might be helpful for drying brushes or cleaning brushes

You may visit our website for water color wall art. Thank you for reading. Let us know if you have any questions or have any suggestions in the comment section.

Thank you,

Art is life. Rupal

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  • Sonia on

    Thank you for sharing all tips. It’s so helpful. I can not wait to do water color with my kids.

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