National Entrepreneurship Week February, 2019 - NursElet Story at Fremont Main Library

Rupal Asodaria

This week is National Entrepreneurship Week. In celebration of it, I was invited by Fremont Main Library to share NursElet story. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.


I was so hesitant to speak in any public events prior starting NursElet. Well, I’m not an introvert but I had some kind of stage fear. Yes, I can sing solo song but speaking/talking was a whole different story until I started NursElet. I feel that I don’t need to do extra preparation as I own my story!

NursElet is truly born from my real life challenges to make other mothers’ lives easier. I had worked so hard to bring this simple idea into reality and spent thousands of hours researching and learning how to make that happen and run ecommerce business. I never went to any business school nor did I attend any business workshops. I have just used Google search bar and have read lot of books. I am so blessed to have family support, without their guidance I might not be able to reach where we’re today. Special thanks to my father Kanu Asodaria for his constant motivation.

I would say it’s worth to have sleepless nights in beginning trying to figure out how things actually e-commerce world works! Once set, sky is the limit. Though I do believe that every day is learning. Small progress towards goal is a giant step. 

I have tried my best to share as much knowledge as I can hoping it might help someone to pursue their own dreams.






If being a stay at home mom, I can do it; you certainly can! Start Small, Think BIG!

Thank you again Alameda County Library to making this happen. 

Good luck! 

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