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If you're blessed with breast milk like I do, you must be in the same boat with me! It's a great sign to leak breast milk so that you're aware that you've great milk flow and you should be super proud of it because it's beneficial for you, your baby and your family. There is no substitute to mother's milk. 


Well, our NursElet Nursing Pads are premium quality and perfect to soothe your chafed nipple while being uber soft and super absorbent however what would you do when you're leaking during breastfeeding and pumping while your shirt is on?

And here comes rescue!!

If you're reading this, you must be knowing about NursElet which is a genius product invented by Rupal Asodaria, a mom who knows the struggle of holding a shirt during important breastfeeding session. NursElet is a patent pending baby product which holds your shirt securely out of the way while you nurse or pump. No worries about stains and leaks on your shirt any more!!! Great thing about it is, you can wear your entire wardrobe; this little lifesaver will convert them into breastfeeding and pumping friendly in the blink of an eye!!! YES, it works like a charm. Mommy invented, mommy tested and mommy approved.

Moreover when your nursing and pumping session is done, you can wear your NursElet as a stylish reminder bracelet!!! Truly multi-functional and lifesaver during those early and important days where you hardly remember what did you have in your breakfast!!

Check it out all pretty and practical colors of NursElets here. Grab two or more!! You won't regret! NursElet makes meaningful baby shower gift for a mom-to-be. Trust me, she'll remember you forever!

We would love to hear how did you hear about NursElet. Comment below.

Rachel is our guest blogger and loves promoting healthy and happy lifestyle.

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