Rupal Asodaria

Congratulations on your new arrival. Well, now you must be trying to get back to routine.

Are you going back to work after your maternity leave? Research suggests that working mom has to pump 2-3 times in a day! Well, that's a good amount of time.

Of course, when you're back to work, you want to make sure that your office attire is as much as leak free and stains free as possible. Tell me, who doesn't want that either!


However it's not always possible no matter how hard you try and juggle to manage your shirt. Well, we have a solution for you! Simple yet Genius!

NursElet keeps your shirt out of the way while you pump to provide dual hands-free pumping. No worries about staining clothes and your style. Convenient when you need at the most.


Plus becomes your bracelet to remind which breast to use next! Multifunctional.


Click here to see the entire collection of NursElet.

How long you had your maternity leave? Comment below.

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