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Hi! I’m Rupal; inventor of NursElet. Thank you for visiting my shop. I’m so excited to share what I know about Pinterest marketing here.

No wonder Pinterest has become one of the most influential forces in today’s social media platforms. I thought to share with you that how I grew from 7K to 210K+ Pinterest Monthly Views in less than 2 months and increasing plus daily visitors 300+ to my shop from all around the globe and hence revenue. I ship my products worldwide, so it works great for me.


If you’re a blogger or small business owner, this article is great to understand how Pinterest works. I love Pinterest as pins never die and rotate forever and ever.

Well, there’s no rocket science to achieve this result however there’re some strategies which you may need to follow. I’m learning this techniques and I’m glad that it’s working for me. I’ve put them in the list below, hoping that it might work for you as well.

  1. Create your Pinterest business account.
  2. Validate/verify your website
  3. Generally create graphic images vertically as layout of this platform works great for vertical images. nurselet-breastfeeding-mom-maternity-fashion-new-mom-essentials
  4. Create few boards relevant to your targeted market and also some extra boards to add few categories in your Pinterest. When you create a board, you can pick the category from Photography to Products, Home Décor to Women's Fashion. Create some more boards to get wide audience's interests. Make one or two exclusively for your brand. Describe each boards in the section, so people get an idea what it’s about. Use some keywords.
  5. Pin directly from your site/blog/shop to those boards. Pin throughout on all boards regularly.
  6. Repin some relevant pins to your boards.
  7. Use description and add some hashtag when you pin images to your boards.
  8. Create some RICH pin for your board, so that all necessary information regarding product/service can be found directly on Pinterest.
  9. Do write often blog post and pin it to your boards.
  10. Canva works great for creating images. It has some preset template and theme.
  11. Follow few pinners and stay in the loop.
  12. Be consistent. Spend at least 10 minutes or more daily on pinning.

Patience is everything. You may need to do trial and error. It depends upon many factors. You may want to try pinning at different time slots to see which time slot may work better for you.

I hope above helps you to step up on your Pinterest game. Feel free to comment if you find this article is helpful for you or if would you like to add anything that’s working for you.

Good luck. Feel free to follow us on social media

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Xo, Rupal Asodaria

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