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Although baby showers are celebrated around the world, there are some very significant differences in the traditions in different cultures.


Btw, I did draw above picture and paint for our baby shower invite! I LOVE drawing :)


In India, usually we mom-to-be depart from our husband’s home and move to our mom’s home from about 7th month (In India, usually we go by months. 9 Months) of pregnancy till baby becomes 1 months and 7 days (called Sava month) to sometime may be a year!


However some people opt out this tradition as now a day, many women started working and it’s hard to manage work after departing from her husband’s home because of travel, parents living in different city etc.


This tradition, departure from husband’s home is hard to follow in the USA as not always we have our maternal family here. And it was true in my case. Well, I can’t imagine giving birth without my husband! Thanks to internet, we were able to do live video chatting with my family in India.


So, I never go anywhere and stay at our home all the time and we have called my Mom to spend time with us. She joined us for 6 months after my son’s arrival.

BTW, we depart from our mom’s home once we marry and move to husband’s home forever and ever. I still remember the feelings of leaving my mom's home. I’ll share about our wedding traditions sometime later and share pictures.

Let’s talk about Baby Shower Tradition right now:


Around 7th month of pregnancy, we (husband’s family) do a Baby Shower. We do perform some religilus ceremony in front of Lord Ganesha.

Usually, husband’s sister (sister-in-law) ties RAKHI to mom-to-be’s wrist for well wishes. In return, we give gift to SIL. My SIL was living in different city and she decided to join us after baby so she can see baby too. So, we had some of our friend sister who tied RAKHI on my wrist.


Also, we do perform some religious ceremony and exchange rice with SIL. Few lucky ladies get their turn too :) Btw, I did keep the picture of my side family on our party table. Glad that his parents were here with us to celebrate this special moments of our lives.


Then we do lunch/dinner followed by playing some games for fun and exchanging gifts.

We kept our baby’s gender secret. I’ve used real socks on our baby shower cake so that I can use this pair of socks in real life for my baby. I still do have it as memory!.


We do only one time baby shower for the first child.

Do you have any specific baby shower tradition in your culture? I would love to know about it. Feel free to comment below.

I hope you learn something new about our tradition. Thank you for visiting.

Love, Rupal Asodaria; Inventor of NursElet

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