Photography Basics for E-Commerce Business

Rupal Asodaria

Running E-Commerce business? Selling physical or digital products?  

Following are few points to understand digital photography to drive sales.

  • Clean and square images tend to drive higher customer engagement as per research. Portrait and landscape images are good to keep as additional images.
  • Remember to keep your products in the front and centered, so customers know what you’re selling! 
  1. For main image, you need to pick what will attract your buyers. Rather than creating collage image, create main image as details of your product.
  2. Square images works great for e-commerce just like Instagram. Now a days, everyone tend to use mobile and to make neat and clear look, square images work great overall. If you’ve a product which required model, have your model stand a couple of feet in front of the background. That way your customer can see the whole model and hence your product.
  3. You may use additional pictures as square, landscape or portrait to show the details about your product. nurselet-nike-shoes-fashion-model-product-photography-ecommerce-small-businessCapture small details.
  4. Always keep your product in front and center so that customer easily understand what you’re selling.
  5. Don’t do Photoshop to change the color or sizes instead create original pictures that way customer can get more idea about the actual product.
  6. Images look much clear without additional framing or borders around. Avoid them and try to create clean and simple look.
  7. Main image says a lot about your product. Visual noise sometimes can take away customer’s attention and possibly sale. To create clean and clear look, try solid, blurred or light background.

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