Our Apple Park Visit

Rupal Asodaria

I love simplicity and I adore Apple a lot! I truly appreciate the innovative design of Apple products.




Being Silicon Valley resident, I take a great pride that Apple is local to us! We visited Apple Visitor Park for the first time yesterday!


It was truly amazing experience. The fact of Apple Park was fascinating. As soon as we reached there, we were given iPad to explore the invisible infrastructure of Apple Park.


It’s a home to 12,000 employees in one central four-storied circular building of approximately 2,800,000 square feet (260,000 square meters).  Eighty percent of the site consists of green space planted with drought-resistant trees and plants indigenous to the Cupertino area, and the center courtyard of the main building features an artificial pond.



There’s an official retail outlet of Apple which offers  Apple computers, phones, and tablets, with accessories and services for same.


I love this colorful Apple Rainbow - Made from Memory Cards!


If you're in San Francisco bay area, you may want to visit this Apple Park Visitor Center. They have plenty of parking and kids friendly outdoor area to play.

apple-park-parking-visit-1 Apple Park Way-cupertino-california


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