Rupal Asodaria

I love drawing and painting a lot and so do my kids. I wanted to capture beautiful memory via their foot print so here we've made Bumble Bee Foot Print and Exotic Bird Foot Print from color paint.


It's pretty much simple. You need to water color on foot or hand whatever your theme allows.


Just need to make sure that you attach the paper to carboard with tape or something so that paper doesn't move away when you put little's foot or hand for print.


Remember, you need to keep colors wet means don't let them dry otherwise you won't be able to get the texture and paint on paper nicely.


Get creative as much as you can, you can use hand and foot both on the same art. Above exotic bird has the foot and print of my little one who'll be going to 3rd grade next week! Where did time go?? I really wanted to capture their hands and feet as keepsake art, so I made this art with them.


You might need pen/pencil or whatever you want to put fine details on it. I used black pen to make eyes and wings on bumble bee :)


You can also use fake eye or other craft stuff to décor your art. Once done, let it dry and remove the tape from cardboard and frame it for a wall décor. 




Precious keepsake in just few minutes.

Have you made any foot print and hand print art with your kiddos? If yes, comment below. What did you make? I plan to make family tree with hand prints soon :)

By: Rupal Asodaria

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