Laundry might be for another day. Today is reading day with kids.

Rupal Asodaria

Motherhood is fleeting. On the other day, when we were done with dinner, we sat down as a family in our living room.

It was busy day for me as kids had their school drop off and pick up, plus swimming class and martial art class. I was thinking finally I got a moment to sit and relax before my toddler asked me to fulfill another demand. Talk about that age!


We usually read book every night before bed. As soon as I went into our room, I realized that I had a full basket waiting for me to fold laundry. I also needed to make preparation for next day clothes for everyone! I look at that laundry basket and his story book and decided what can wait? Of course, the laundry basket can wait! I picked his story book to read for him and decided to fold laundry next day.

Sometimes you need to choose your priority wisely. On this day, it was his story book; folding laundry might be for next day! I felt so satisfied even though I was so tired, we finished his book. I am not sure whether he will remember it or not, but I certainly will remember this moment of motherhood.

What would you pick if you had to pick only one? Motherhood is not comparison by any mean,  but supporting each other as our children teach us new things every day. We learn lot of things from our motherhood tribe. 

Feel free to share your memorable motherhood experience in the comment. 

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