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Rupal Asodaria

A first time mom's
Guide to motherhood 
Chapter 1: Terms your doctors may use 

LMP: Last Menstrual Period

EDC / EDD: Estimated Date of Confinement or Delivery – Your Due Date

BP: Blood Pressure

HT: Hypertension

CBC: Complete Blood Count (which measures your hemoglobin, red and white cell counts, and appearance of your blood platelets)

Hb / Hgb: Hemoglobin

STS test: Test for Syphilis

Albumin: One of the proteins found in a urine sample

Section: Caesarean Section

hCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin -  the hormone manufactured by the embryo and measured in pregnancy tests

FH: Fetal Heart

Head engaged: Baby’s head has dropped into the bony pelvis, ready for birth

Head floating: Baby’s head is not yet engaged

Vertex: Baby is head-down

Breech: Baby is bottom-down

Lie: The relationship of the baby’s spine to your spine

High-risk: Any pregnancy complicated by problems found in your medical history or occurring during your pregnancy

Height of Fundus: The height of the top of the uterus, measured with a tape measure or clippers in centimeters, above the bony pelvis

Primigravida: Your first pregnancy

Multigravida: Second or later pregnancy

Femur Length: A measurement of the baby’s “thigh bone”; helps estimate fetal growth

Would you like to add any terms that your doctor may have used or know. Feel free to comment below.

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