"I LOVE my job!" - Rupal Asodaria, NursElet Inventor

Rupal Asodaria

I love my job. 

When you’re a small business owner, you need to wear many hats. I’m so blessed to have people around me who make my job a lot easier. 


Once I went to the local church to see preschool for Arush. Well, Arush hadn’t gotten a chance to go there, however I made a contact that invited me to MOPS group in the church to share my story. From that I made a few more contacts and one of them was Sarah. So when we were looking for mama models, Sarah was there! 


Recently I came to know that Sarah was blessed with another baby girl hence I decided to check with her one more time whether she and her baby can do modeling for us. And she would say yes! 


After dropping off Ansh and Arush at school around 8:30 this morning, I came back home. I sat down for a while on the couch to think about next photo session execution at Sarah’s home. Sometimes I take time to think before changing my gear. Literally. I knew that I needed to come back before 11:40 to pick up Ansh from his school. Around 9, I reached her home. She kept everything ready and her sweet baby doll. Can I ask more?? She made sure that we get nice footage within limited time frame. I captured around 300 photos in 2 hours so. I mean wow!! My eyes were really hurting to look in my SLR but we got the job done. (I still need to edit them.) I went to pick up Ansh directly from her home and barely reached 11:40 sharp to pick up Ansh. Not late… 


To manage both the worlds, while raising children and business is bit challenging however people like Sarah and her family make my life so much easier. I’ve countless people on my list that helped me enormously to move forward with my purpose and I’m so grateful to call them mine.

Love, Rupal

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