NursElet Breastfeeding Hidden Crosswords Baby Shower Game

Rupal Asodaria

Let's see how many words you can find in this crossword puzzle.

There are more than 10 words hidden in this crosswords puzzle, so stretch your thinking and let us know in the comment. 

And, whoever has the highest finding will be the winner. Winner will win $25 NursElet store credit. Game ends on Friday 9/27. Winner will be announced in the comment section. 


Let's have fun. Make sure you really stretch your thinking to find highest words! Good luck. 

Keep checking whether you're the winner or not. If there're multiple participants who have found highest findings, we will randomly choose one from them.

Also, feel free to print it out to use as one of the games for your baby shower party or your friends. 

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  • Nina Mackrain on

    Colostrum hindmilk thrush down soothing latch areola tits raw engorgement mastasis foremilk nurselet soy

    Lost sit hind ped milk crew fawn nag ward pen blog pet thing lime pea sky bios

  • Beth Perez on

    I found ten!!!! I would love a nurse elet

  • Becky Nirschl on

    I got to 15 before my eyes started to hurt.

  • Tanie Binuya on

    Found 11!
    8. Areola

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