"Believe you can and you're halfway there." NursElet - Alameda County Library Story by Rupal Asodaria

Rupal Asodaria

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” Roy T. Bennett

It’s all #BeginWithin 


As you know our local library plays a key role in our NursElet story, I was invited to Alameda County Board of Supervisor’s meeting yesterday September 24th in Oakland for proclamation as Alameda County Library is launching a new campaign "Tell us your library story".


I have never ever been to this kind of building and let alone to speak in front of the Board of Supervisors and few key members of different agencies. Cindy Chadwick, County Librarian of Alameda County Library and Alicia Reyes made me so much comfortable. Thank you!


This was the podium. Time limit was speaking maximum 3 minutes however I might have taken one minute as our video was shown on the below screen to all prior my turn for speaking.


I have tried my very best and said few words that how library helped us to start what we are doing and supporting entrepreneurs. 

Generally, when someone mentions library, we normally think about books or Sshhhh  however we are so grateful that our local libraries just don’t offer books and seeds (yes ) but offer programs from art to homework help, learning English to Chinese calligraphy, art classes to bicycle repair. 

As you know that art is my lifelong passion and I wanted to pass this artistic skills to other. I started teaching watercolor art classes to Centerville library and I did not forget to mention it to Board of Supervisors. I encourage everyone to visit their local library and to explore what they offer. 

I have heard from our librarian Fremont Main Library that they have just released the original video which we shoot early this year. 

Click here for the link.


Btw, I went to the meeting in professional attire which I hardly wear as let’s be real who needs it when you mostly work from home. I had our lucky #NursEletBag with me. 


Listen, we’re celebrating NursElet 4 years anniversary next week. We’re so thankful to each of you. Without you, we could not have done anything. 


I hope my story inspires you to share your own stories with us. Feel free to send us a note if I could help you in anyways. 

Sincerely, Rupal

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