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Prepare as in finding a child care one month before you start to work.

  • 3 weeks before stash up your breast milk.
  • 2 weeks before have baby feel comfortable with bottle
  • 1 week before you start work, test it out with your baby with caregiver and you away as if you are working. Just to know how your baby is doing and to know how much your baby eat without your breasts.

Talk to your employer about the lactation room you need to pump for your baby. It’s best to take care of this matter before you start working than later.

Working Mom Who Pump At Work

Try to nurse your baby before you leave for work and when you come home from work. Pumping is not like how your baby nurse. Long term pumping can affect your breast milk supply.

Pump every three hours to keep your supply up. If you can’t do every three hours, find time at work that you can pump while checking emails or making phone calls. Multi-tasking.

Working Mom Who Pump At Work

Have everything you need such as the right breast pump, nursing & pump bra, and NursElet. NursElet will help you hold your shirt up and transform any shirt instantly to be pumping friendly.

Take care of yourself as in stop and take a break when it’s a busy day at work. Don’t over stress that can cause your milk supply decrease. Drink water and eat more often as you can at work.

Don’t feel bad that you are at work instead with baby or at home instead of working. You are doing the best you can. Just step back and give yourself a break. Have positive mind that you know you are doing what is best for your family.

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