Women In Tech 2019 | Recent interview of Rupal Asodaria - NursElet Inventor

Rupal Asodaria

I had an opportunity early this month to give my interview about our NursElet innovation with CIO look. 

Here is the digital edition link. 

You may jump directly on page #52 to find the full details on this interview. 

Also, here is the link for website edition

Few excerpts: 

To run a business itself is challenging. It’s very hard to define just one big obstacle as whenever an obstacle (small or big) comes, it feels like it’s the biggest but once you get used to it, it’s easy to understand and react to it. There’s a solution for everything if you look hard enough! 

When you’re starting something new, you’ll hit the roadblocks and challenges. However there’re many resources available to help you navigate those challenges. I think those challenges and roadblocks make one powerful. Working with corporate culture requires great responsibility, management skills. It teaches a lifelong lesson of relationship as well.


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