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This time of the year often brings joy and happiness, family and friends. It also brings a lot of running around, financial stress, balancing crazy schedules, a giant to do list and a lot of stress.


Often times we get so caught up in life that we lose ourselves. Like for real. We start doing so many things because society has dictate to us that is the way things go and what you are supposed to be doing. The holidays seem to accentuate this even more.

  • Put up the lights
  • Decorate a tree
  • Spend a gazillion dollars on everyone
  • Create delicious foods and make cookies for, well, everyone
  • Spend time with your family
  • Attend Christmas parties
  • Keep the house clean
  • Buy the latest popular gadget or toy

Have you ever wondered why on earth you are doing all of these things? Have you ever wished for the holidays to be over so that you can get rid of this crazy to do list and back to your own life.  Do you dread this time of year because of the costs and chaos?

Maybe this year you get rid of the lights on the house and put up a projection light instead or simply hang a wreath on your door.

Maybe you host Christmas at your house (or rent a hall!) and invite everyone - one big party instead of trying to run everywhere the week of.

Maybe you buy the kids a couple of small items and then simply put the money towards a trip or a membership somewhere instead OR take that money and let them purchase things for other kids and donate it.

Maybe you just buy Christmas cookies this year from the store (and yes I’m a nutritionist)

Stop doing what society tells you, you have to do and start doing what YOU want to do. What do YOU want to do? How do YOU want to spend these next few weeks?

Why aren’t you doing it now? Maybe you are afraid of what people will think when you are the house without lights, or your kids don’t have the latest gadget.  Really though, the reality is this is what will happen:

  • You will feel freedom
  • Your stress will reduce
  • You will be more present
  • You will find more happiness

You have the power to make the change and create the life that you want to be living. No one else. Judgement from others is often their envy. They are jealous that YOU had the courage to pull away from the demands of society and are living a life that you make the decisions and rule.

Don’t let others rule your world. It’s your world, you should be wearing the crown.

Katie Kahvo is a wife, mother, sister, Holistic Nutritionist and life simplifier! She is passionate about talking with women, showing them how to live the life they are dreaming of through simplifying their lives and introducing easy ways to nourish their bodies through good food and self care. Come join her community over at

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