I knew that babies required a lot of 'stuff', but I didn't realize quite how much stuff until I had my own little girl.

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I knew that babies required a lot of 'stuff', but I didn't realize quite how much stuff until I had my own little girl. It can become so overwhelming! I have really started to appreciate the multi-function baby items - anything that serves more than one purpose, or can be used across multiple stages of a baby's life. And if it doesn't take up a lot of space it gets extra brownie points. The NursElet nursing Scarf is something every mom can use!  


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As a nursing cover, it provides full coverage for truly private breastfeeding. The openings are designed so that you can leave one arm out and remain functional. They're large enough to ensure you maintain eye contact with your little one - an important part of the breastfeeding process. If your little one is easily distracted while nursing, this will help keep her focused on the task at hand. There's nothing worse than a hungry baby who doesn't want to latch because there's too much commotion going on. The NursElet Scarf is lightweight and won't cause you or your baby to overheat while breastfeeding.  


The usefulness of the NursElet Scarf extends far beyond breastfeeding. Use it as a shopping cart cover at the grocery store or as a high chair cover at a restaurant. The openings easily become leg holes and fit shopping carts and high chairs of all shapes and sizes. Babies like to put their mouths on everything, so using the NursElet Scarf as a shopping cart or high chair cover will help prevent spreading all of those germs!  


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If you have an infant car seat, you can use the NursElet as a car seat cover as well! The fabric is stretchy and will accommodate most car seats, keeping your baby safe inside and protected from the elements, while still allowing you to peek in and ensure they don't get overheated.  


The NursElet Scarf even works as a mini blanket if you find yourself out and about and need to set your baby down.  


One of the best features of the NursElet Scarf, aside from all of the obvious uses, is that you can use it even after you've weaned or no longer need it for your baby. I don't know of any other nursing covers that offer this kind of functionality. They're extra-long, so they work as a swimsuit cover up. Or simply wear it as an infinity Scarf to accessorize your wardrobe. There are several beautiful designs, from stunning solids to bright floral prints, you'll be sure to find one that you love.  


- Misty Hofert @mistyann13 

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