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Rupal Asodaria

Before giving birth  

It’s a must to meet the hospital lactation specialist to know if they can come to your after birth room and help with breastfeeding. Also if they can order you a rental breast pump incase you must pump for baby. There can be any complications with nursing baby. Such as finding out baby has lip ties.. painful C-section surgery.. baby won’t latch on your breast or baby in NICU. 


Know that baby does not need a lot of breast milk in the first few days. As your milk may not come out a lot. It will increase supply as you nurse baby several times a day. Your supply increase as your baby grow. Their tummy are tiny when they are born so they take very little breastmilk. 

We put together what you will need for your labor and delivery. 


Pack your bag with our NursElet Diaper Bag! You can keep your favorite drink ice cold in the insulation pocket with a ice pack! 🤣😉

During labor necessities:

•Pillow for you & partner


•Phone charger

•Hair ties to hold up hair

After birth necessities:

NursElet cover (if you want privacy with visitors)

NursElet breast Pads 

NursElet breastfeeding shirt holder / breastfeeding reminder bracelet

•Tooth brush

•Tooth paste 

•Hair ties to hold up hair

•Lanolin to moisturize nipples Boppy  pillow

•Depend Pads

•Lip chap

•Blanket for you 

•Blanket for baby

•Drinks-Water bottle because hospital water does not taste good

•Snacks - that you like because hospital food is not good 


•Car seat

•Baby Diapers that you like for your baby

•Baby wipes that you like for your baby 

•After birth comfy robe - one for hospital and one for going home; wearing pant will be difficult after birth because of pain

•Cozy socks

•Going home nursing outfit to easily breastfeed baby on way home

•One outfit for baby in hospital 

•One outfit for baby going home 

•Empty carry on bag to collect everything hospital give you and visitors 

At home necessities:

•Baby diapers 

•Baby wipes 

•Breast pump

•NursElet breast pads

•NursElet nursing cover 

•Tummy wrap 

•Natural medication for baby ( please consult with baby’s doctor )

•Several baby blankets 

•Several baby burp cloths 

•Lots of baby onesies in case of milk vomit which is normal ( separate few for home and few for outings to look like new ) 

•Baby bassinet to keep baby close to you over the night 

•Couch rocking chair to breastfeed baby comfortably

•Baby bath towel 

•Bath tub

•Baby lotion

•Baby hair soap

Outings With Baby:

•NursElet Diaper Bag 

•Baby’s two outfit 

•Baby’s two pair of socks

•Baby’s two hats

•Baby’s diapers

•Baby’s wipes

•Baby’s medication ( diaper rash .. nose drops .. & etc. ) 

•Baby breast milk bottle in insulation pocket to keep cold 

•Manual pump in case baby sleep and you need to release milk before getting clog ducts. 


Don't forget to check your NursElet in a bag, if not, get it now. We suggest to get two to make breast pumping easier!

Also, feel free to comment below if we are forgetting anything. 

Thank you Sandra Caballero from SoCalDeafMom for sharing this article. 

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