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I was born at home. All 4 of us were. I was never pushed to do this. I was left to my own devices. 

I got married at 28. I had my first baby at 28. As soon as I found out baby was going to come in 9 months.. I had made up my mind. I had had enough of hospitals... I hated them.. with a passion ( thats a whole nother story..). I decided that, like my mom, I was having babies at home. I was built for this.  I can do this. 



The day I had my son was like any other day. I had no idea he was coming.. I had another 2 weeks to go. We were definitely unprepared. We were supposed to have a home visit with the midwife to set up the birth pool the week before... but another mommy went into labor.. she needed my midwife more than me at that point so I gladly waited ... for another week.. the day I was supposed to have my homevisit... again another mom went into labor.. so again.. no tub set up. My husband and I decided to watch a movie that night. Aliens vs Predators... good movie I must say. It was 12am when it was over. I stood up and felt that unmistakable gush that could only be water breaking. I ran to the bathroom. My poor husband standing there wondering what he did or said wrong.  He comes in and I just said.. check to see if I made a mess.. he asked.. "what am I looking for??? " I just said "you will know when you see it"  He came back in.. told me there was nothing there .. I said "good.. now go call Amber.. my water just broke"   My poor midwife.. she was at yet another birth.. so when she was done.. she came right over. My mom had fast births.. so she didnt want to miss mine. She checked me out.. and as we were a ways out.. she said.. try to sleep.. and she slept on our floor... I managed to pass out for a few hours.. I woke up about 5am ish..  and things really got going.  I sat in the tub in hot water for awhile.. did some squats.. tried out different possitions.. and then at 8:32 am.. on my hands and knees.. with out even pushing.. I had a little boy... 6 lbs 11 oz... I spent 8 some total hours waiting for him to arrive. I was in heaven... I was high on love with a little boy... But let me tell you.. that first shower after...; was the greatest thing to happen since giving birth... it was paradise.. and I never wanted to come out..  I thought to myself.. that was awesome.. totally doing this again.  But it was a long 4 years and battle with an apartment full of black mold from flooding that kept me from the next one...

After many tears and fighting with the apartment complex about the mold and various other issues we bought a house. I told my husband that despite trying.. the apartment with the mold was stopping things from happening.. so rather than rent.. lets buy our own place so we can deal with issues ourselves when they arise.. I told him that after being sick for 4 years with the mold (and thank heavens my son showed no symptoms) as soon as we move.. I bet we have another baby.. Sure enough.. we had been in the house 4 months.. and I found out about baby # 2..  I was pumped

Ready to do this again.. I called our midwife and got everything set up.. as with the first... I was set on birthing at home. Easy pregnancy as with the first. Every thing smooth .. Until we had a friend die.. Then I went into hormone overload. Panic attacks... I refused to lay down because I felt like I needed to run from something. I would stay up all night and sleep when the husband came home from work.. I’d sleep on the floor in the living room while my son watched tv. I did all from Aromatherapy teas etc ( all midwife approved) to control the panic. I knew it was just hormones and that things  would even out after baby. It took longer than I thought after baby (and placenta encapsulation was a life saver) but I’m getting ahead of myself. (I said if this baby isnt a girl Ill be suprised!!)

My due date came and we waited.. not for long  2 days after due date.. My husband and I were sitting in the bathroom soaking our feet.. talking.. and I stand up... water breaks.. It’s go time. 

I thought good I can warm up with these nice easy contractions like I did with my son.. WRONG ... with in 5 minute I told the midwife I needed her now.. Contractions were strong an fast. I had been saying that I think this baby will come fast and furious.. Guess I was right.  Midwife got there and got set up.. we tried to fill the tub but there just wasn’t time.. I could barely breath because when one contraction ended another one started.. there was no warm up.. there was no break.. just contraction after contraction after contraction.. all the while hearing those sweet words from my midwife " you will never have to do that one again"  "  Each one brings your baby closer to you"  " you got this"   Its the hardest work Ive ever done.. less than 3 hours and I had an 8lb 14 ounce little girl on my chest. I was so tired. I held baby my reward for that 9 months and all that work.. and was in love all over again.. I watch my husband cut the cord and promptly fell asleep with baby nursing... I slept through newborn checks and remember waking to baby crying as they checked her out.. I put my hand on her and she calmed down.. wouldn’t for anyone else. and promptly fell asleep again after telling the midwife I really did care about what was going on and sorry for being rude and sleeping when they were there.. I woke up again to say goodbye  and thank them..  

One thing that I remember from my son.. I could walk just fine after.. no muscle soreness at all.. with my daughter... my legs have never been so sore... it was hard work on me.. my muscles all around... but having just had a baby.. I didnt need to do anything.. I just stayed in bed with my husband taking care of everything else... so nice.. all I had to do.. change diapers.. and nurse.. and on occasion.. limp to the bathroom 5 inches away.. greatful that I was in my own home.. with my own things.. I had my dogs snuggling with me  and baby afterwards.. I was well taken care of...loved and pampered...

After- those pesky hormones . the panic attacks.. wouldn't leave me alone.. I got my placenta encapsulated and had great results.. increased milk supply too. I went from not me.. back to me... to being in control of myself and my emotions.

Will I do it again??? You Betcha!! Bring it!!     

Dyan is loving and caring mother to two beautiful kids. She is one of our proud #NursEletMama

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