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Rupal Asodaria

Spider Web

For Mom - Long Black Dress with a V neck shape so you can breastfeed your baby anytime and anywhere throughout trick or treating. Add fake web onto your dress for people to see that your baby being a spider crawling onto you as you are a web.


Not a dress person- Black Pant and Black Long V-Neck top (If you can’t find V-Neck tops; remember you can use NursElet bracelet to top up your top when breastfeeding your baby.)  

For Baby- Gray outfit with gray hat that has two black eyes (you can hot glue two black eyes onto the baby’s hat; black eyes can be made from felt fabric or anything you find at a dollar store. Keep close eyes on those eyes.) If you want to add more fun stuff onto your baby’s outfit; you can add that fur fabric to the back of your baby’s gray outfit with hot glue. 

Butterfly & Flowers 


For Mom- V-neck Flowers dress (long or short)

Not a Dress Person- flowers top and green pant. 

For Baby- Butterfly Costume from Target


Super Mom & Side Kick


For Mom - Super Hero Mom Costume which is perfect for breastfeeding. 


For Baby- side kick baby costume 



For Mom- white dress with gold rope around mid-stomach. 

Not a Dress Person- White top and Bottom with gold belt. 


For Baby- Zeus from Halloween Costume Store



For Mom- zip skeleton costume. 


For Baby- Warm skeleton costume. 

Most women Halloween costume has open neck lines that are perfect for breastfeeding. Also romper costumes are great! Hope you enjoy this Halloween with your little pumpkin. 

Happy Halloween!! 

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