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Breast milk is the beautiful gift we can ever give to our children.

From my own breastfeeding challenges, I have created the product called NursElet® - Essential Bracelet For Nursing Mom - to make other moms'  breastfeeding journey little easier and more comfortable.

NursElet® is a very convenient and easy nursing bracelet that helps breastfeeding mothers to secure their shirts from falling on the little one and eliminates the need of holding the shirt with hands while breastfeeding or pumping. It helps to eliminate back pain and neck strain by providing proper posture to make clear latch in comfortable breastfeeding position. When nursing is done, it can become her reminder bracelet.

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So many mothers give up breastfeeding because of back pain and neck strain. My hope is to provide all possible comfort to the breastfeeding mother and to encourage her to continue breastfeeding journey with her little one as long as she can. This multi-functional innovative accessory will surely simplify her early and important years of motherhood.

Within a little over year, I have received a huge response on this mommy invented and patent pending baby product from all around the world. Positive reviews, love and support, from our NursElet Mamas inspired me to move forward with my mission however being one woman show and mom two little boys is challenging.

Definitely it’s time for me to scale up my business and so today I ask for YOUR help: I need your vote!

NursElet® is excited to announce we’re a participant for the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest! From 1000s of applicants, 10 winners will be selected to win grants ranging from $7,500 to $25,000.

I can’t wait how wisely I could use this grant on my business if I could win!

Thank you for your support.

Founder & CEO

Rupal Asodaria

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