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First, we want to preface this by saying: you don't technically need any of these things. As moms or moms-to-be, we are literally bombarded with checklists and must-haves. I remember being 8 months pregnant and leaving one of the big box baby stores in tears because I was told I needed no fewer than 6 car seats. 

At the end of the day, your baby needs a clean diaper and a milk supply. That said, having gone through two kids so far (#highfives), below is a round-up of items that made our lives as moms SO MUCH easier.


Anything essential we forgot? We'd love to hear - let us know in the comments below!

SLEEP: Because this is literally the holy grail. 

  • Pack'n'Play: There are a ton of options. We used and love the Guava Lotus for its super lightweight frame, ability to pack into a backpack for travel, and bassinet conversion kit.
  • Bassinet or somewhere for babe to sleep in the early months: With our recent addition, we tried out the Snuggle Me Organic and so far, so good! Safe sleep for infants is a hot topic, and one we don't claim to be experts on but instead are always researching and learning more about. From personal experience, this helps baby feel snug and secure, and eliminates the fear of them rolling over or a parent rolling over onto them, when placed in bed next to mom. Bonus points for being mobile and entirely organic!
  • Baby Monitor: You could probably research these until the end of time. So far, we've been happy with this one.
  • White Noise Machine: Again, there are a ton of options. We've been happy with the cheapest version we could find on Amazon.
  • Crib: This is a given, and you can spend as much or as little as you want. If this is your first child and you're confident you'll have more, this can definitely be worth a higher investment. On the flip side, IKEA makes some fabulous minimalist, raw wood options as well. We're currently using and loving the Stokke Sleepi system for our smaller sized nursery.
  • DON'T FORGET: You'll definitely want two mattress pads, and at least two sets of crib sheets for those inevitable, middle-of-the-night blowouts. Some of our all-time favorites can be found on Etsy, from shops like Ivie Baby and Little Anouk.

CLOTHING: We found this is usually the item friends and family LOVE to buy and gift, but it's worth hunting down a few items you absolutely love and adding them to your registry. The options are endless, but a few of our favorite small shops are listed below:

FEEDING: Whether you choose to breast or bottle feed, the items below will likely be in daily rotation!

  • Bibs: From dribbles to drool to first foods, bibs are essential and Anchored Arrow makes some of our faves!
  • High Chair: We used and loved the Inglesina table chair, because it's tiny, it's portable, and it packs up between use.
  • Teething Necklace: Our favorites (and some of the cutest!) come from Little Teether


  • Breastfeeding Pillow: We used the Boppy without complaints. If you go this route, definitely check Etsy for adorable interchangeable covers to match your nursery!
  • Breast Pump: Check out Aeroflow Breastpumps! Completely cost and hassle free, they help navigate your insurance and provide you with a list of breast pumps covered by insurance.
  • Nursing Pad: Our friends at Marley's Monsters make the cutest reusable nursing pads (because let's face it - things get messy!)
  • Nursing Bracelet: Ever heard of NursElet? It's the handiest nursing reminder bracelet that helps remind you which side you fed on last, AND helps hold up your shirt while nursing. Such a helpful mom hack!

KEEPSAKES: Let's face it, you may never get around to actually filling out that baby book...nd anyway, these options are way more fun!

  • Milestone Blankets: You've probably seen these take Instagram by storm, but we're totally smitten with the milestone blankets from Batz Kids
  • Birth Elephant: Display baby's birth stats with the most adorable embroidered stuffed lovey from Stitches by Natalie, made from baby's hospital blanket. Definitely a keepsake you'll have for years and years!
  • Don't Forget Mom! These gorgeous name bracelets have our hearts, from Candy Couture Shop

TRAVEL: Because trust us, eventually you'll leave the house again!

  • Car Seats: From newborn to convertible to booster, once again, options are endless. We had the best luck with our Chicco Keyfit 30 for rear-facing newborns, and the Diono Radian RXT for rear-facing, forward-facing and beyond (bonus: it's super narrow to take up less space in a smaller car!)
  • Baby Carrier: We couldn't love our Lillebaby Complete All Seasons anymore! There are also slings and wraps, and endless research to show the many benefits of baby wearing (Plus: free hands to hold your coffee!)

POTTY: Yep, it's inevitable. May as well embrace it!

  • Changing Pad + 2 Covers: Once again, a zillion adorable options are available on Etsy. Our favorites are made by Ive Baby.
  • Diapers: This tends to be a very personal decision and for good reason! No two babies are alike, and only you know what you can handle. That said, if you're even remotely considering cloth diapers.

Again, anything we missed? We'd love to hear which products made your transition to motherhood even easier - Let us know in the comments below!

This article is written by Heather, of Bear & Bunny Co., makers of grow-with-me leggings and shorties, handmade in the USA! Check them out and get more bang for your buck with sizes that take baby through multiple ages and milestones.

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