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Hello! My name is Stephanie Silva and I am a married 23-year old mother of three and full time college student. My two oldest are 4 and 3 and they were FORUMLA fed! I believe I formula fed them for two reasons: 1. being a young mom at 18 I was more concerned with why the baby wouldn’t stop crying then weather it was breastmilk or formula that was filling the tummy and 2. I believed all the myths; I wasn’t educated about breastfeeding at all! I knew it was “better” but no one ever explained to me WHY!

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When I had gotten pregnant for the third time around, with my now 8 month old daughter, my father in law had asked me like he had with all my pregnancies would I be breastfeeding. Like previous pregnancies I said “Yes, until the baby gets teeth because I don’t want to get bit.” He laughed and said “you said that with the other two and never made it past a week!” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

That night I researched and researched and researched! KellyMom and LaLecheLeaugue were and still are my go to’s as I am learning more and more as the days go on. I found out how beneficial breastfeeding is and with having two other children who, had to have their formula changed over 3 times due to difficulties with bowel movements, it seemed like the best route. I found out that contrary to much beliefs you don’t have too pump and dump after a few drinks out with the girls or a date night with the husband! Also, many women say ‘I didn’t have enough milk’ that isn’t true! You make as much as your baby needs and if at times your baby seems like they never want to unlatch it is called CLUSTER FEEDINGS, it’s a great thing! Enjoy all the love, stay in bed all day with snacks movies and your little one! You also can pump and either hand the bottle to dad/family member while you sleep/run errands or you can even freeze the milk for a stash whenever you need it! That was great to know because as a college student I knew I wouldn’t be around her 24/7 and that is exactly what I thought needed to happen when breastfeeding because you were the child’s “food source.”

I am very blessed to be an ‘over-producer’ who doesn’t have trouble keeping my freezer stash well stocked. I also never experienced cracked nipples, bleeding or any of the pain most women experience. My daughter was a natural latcher and required nothing from me other than cuddles and warm milk. I am 8 months into my EBF journey and every day I ask myself why I didn’t take the time do it this with the other two! I never had to worry about making her wait during the middle of the night while I prepared a bottle, her milk is always ready when she it. I also never have to worry about having bottles, sterilized water and formula in the diaper bag when leaving the house and it is great because as a mom of three little ones I forget EVERYTHING!

She is now, by far, my easiest and happiest child! She says ‘mum-mum’ and signs when she wants the breast and she has, up to date, hit milestones far sooner than her siblings! She has been sleeping through the night since the first month. I am now getting sad as she gets older because from what started off as me wanting her to grow quickly so I can get the hang of the breastfeeding it changed to slow down because now it means we’re closer to the end of this journey together and I am going to miss this bond we share, the way she looks into my eyes while feeding and I talk to her about the day. I look for any new chance to learn more about breastfeeding and I encourage every new mom I meet to do it as well but I tell them WHY and the truth to the myths that I wished someone would have shared with me! I am also always open to meeting and speaking with moms who want to know more about breastfeeding or learning from those who already have. With that being said if you have questions/concerns feel free to add me on any social media sites!

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  • lois on

    What an amazing inspirational story, Thank you for sharing your experience. Wish I knew this much in my childbearing years.

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