7 Reasons Nutrition is Essential For Good Fertility

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Unfortunately through our fast paced society we have forgotten the importance of good nutrition and are turning more to pre-packaged, processed foods hoping to make our lives easier. This makes total sense! However, although these items may have a time and a place, when we are looking to conceive and are wanting to achieve good health, those things have to go. I know you've heard it before but what we put in our bodies is SUPER important for our health and wellbeing...not to mention our fertility and the health of our future children! Below I have listed 7 reasons (there are many more) why nutrition is essential for good fertility. Check it out.

  7 Reasons Nutrition is Essential For Good Fertility

  1. You give this little person half of your DNA (and the other half from your husband) So when they have their kids they are also passing on your genes and hopefully good health habits. Keeping in mind that females are born with all their eggs. Now if you think about this a little further..that means if you have a baby girl...you were technically carrying half your future grandbabies as well. You could be affecting future generations so let's give them the best start at life.
  2. Our preconception health can impact our children's LONG term health - so even if you think you've had a healthy baby and all is well. Studies have now shown that your health before baby is even conceived can play a role in determining their resistance to things like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, as well as cognitive and behavioural problems. Positive nutrition and health preconception can give baby a strong start and finish at life.
  3. Feeding your body healthy foods helps ensure you and baby are getting all the nutrients needed to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. Studies showing things like the importance of B3 in preventing miscarriages and folate in reducing the risk of spina bifida show the importance of good nutrition! Just imagine all the things they haven't yet discovered that play significant roles in our health.
  4. Carbs, proteins and fats are our three macronutrients...these are the thing we need for our bodies to function optimally. Through these we also receive our micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) which are essential in every functioning of our body. Limiting these items will result in our bodies experiencing more stress and discomfort than necessary. Proper nutrition and lifestyle habits can also be super positive to our egg and sperm health.
  5. Insulin resistance is largely related to PCOS and other issues surrounding our fertility. Thankfully this is largely a diet and lifestyle issue and can often be rebalanced through proper diet changes.
  6. If your body can function optimally, you will be better able to detox efficiently getting rid of harmful chemicals and toxins in your system. When these aren't getting eliminated they can have negative impacts on your health and your babies (the list is endless). Also, hormones like estrogen are more easily eliminated allowing you to have better hormone balance through a healthy body, reducing the risk of fertility issues (including PCOS, Endometriosis, etc) as well as breast cancer and other serious potential side effects.
  7. Beginning good eating and lifestyle habits now will hopefully continue into your child's life. Getting pregnant and having a baby doesn't mean your life is about to get easier so don't put it off until you succeed. The sooner you can make the switch to a healthier lifestyle the better it is for everyone. The more simplified, practical approach you take, the more likely it is that you will continue with these changes long term.

As a Holistic Nutritionist and someone who struggled with fertility, Katie Kahvo, believes strongly in the connection between health, food and fertility. She currently helps women all around the world, educating them on the how they can feel empowered to optimize their fertility. She has been featured on the Modern Mommy Podcast, Balancing From Birth To Baby, My Fit Coach, saminamitha.com and many fertility support groups across Facebook. Katie currently offers online courses to help women better understand the importance of nutrition for fertility, meal planning services, and runs the wonderful Fertile Beginnings community. 

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