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Recently, I’d done my NursElet brand shoot which I wanted to do long back. When I did, I had tons of questions and I wish I could have found my answers at one place! However I tried to find bit by bit information here and there, and applied in my brand shoot. My friend David from Crush Pix Video Production had amazing experience in this field, he helped me so much throughout this process. I can't thank enough to him!

From my real life experience, I’ve created below 10 STPES for you to create your own Brand Story. Hope it helps!


  1. Videographer

The most important part of your project. Make sure that your videographer understands your needs. Check their previous videos to give you an idea about what yours will be looked like! Also, if you like some videos, feel free to share with your videographer as inspiration. It’ll help both the parties. Make a decision on how long will be your final video? It’ll give you general ideas what to prepare in advance.

  1. Script

Prepare your script by adding all the smallest details you would like to include to create your story. No details should be left out! Ask your friends or clients, who understand your mission and have the same interest in your story for their feedback. Considering their feedback, add/update your script.

  1. Models

Review your script to check whether you need models in your story. If you need models, try to find out where you’ll find them or ask your videographer whether they know or provide this service.

  1. Location

Review your script to check how many locations you need for your story. Depend upon; check the weather and lighting for both indoor and outdoor. Take action appropriately on shooting time.

  1. Costume

General rule of thumb, bright solid colors work great to catch attention however you can decide whatever you want to pick. Avoid stripes cloths as they disturb in video tape.

  1. Set

Make sure that you consider all possible smallest details where you plan to shoot. Final version of video will show everything very clear! So don’t miss out on this opportunity.

  1. Adjustment

Be ready to adapt. Not everything can go as plan! May be weather, lighting, or mood of models (babies) might make you do some adjustment. Do it and go with the flow.

  1. Review of video

When you receive the first version of video from your videographer, check everything with voice/visual that makes sense. Ask your videographer to make any edits if needed. If you choose one wisely, you’ll not need to ask for further revision! Trust me.

  1. Final version

Make sure from start to end, your video looks good to you and have your brand name and signature somewhere!

  1. Depend upon your goal, spread your brand story. You can include this video in your website social medias etc. Good Job!

Feel free to comment, if you find this blogpost useful. Also comment if I'm missing anything!

By: Rupal Asodaria
Owner + Founder of NursElet®

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