Surgical Masks and KN95 MASKS

We've extended our product line to offer PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and be a resourceful in this COVID-19 pandemic. 

We offer two types of masks at this moment:

  1. 3-Ply Earloop Masks and
  2. KN95 masks

Surgical masks prevent the spread of bacteria and airborne illnesses. They cover the nose and mouth and are made from a pleated, three-ply fabric measured by bacteria filtration efficiency, splash resistance and breathability.

They come with ear loops. These masks are used only once and then disposed of.

Please fill this CONTACT US form and let us know that which organization / health care facility is looking for masks in this dire shortage of surgical/KN95 masks.  We'll try our best to help in this crisis as much as we can. 

Thank you and please take care!