My NursElet


We've received a huge response on NursElet from all around the world. Here are few words from our valued NursElet customers. 
I can't imagine my life without my NursElet now. Super functional specially in those early days where you hardly remember what did you eat in a breakfast, forget about boob side to feed next. NursElet comes so handy and I can wear any clothes!! Simply genius.
Mindy Breslin
Best invention ever for every new mom!
As a new mom, I must say that NursElet is the best invention ever for every mom! Thank you so much Rupal.
Kristin L.
I love it. I'm a mom on a budget so buying a ton of nursing shirts isn't really an option for me. I've been getting by, but holding up a non nursing shirt to pump or breastfeed is so annoying. The NursElet works exactly as advertised and I like the idea of wearing it on the side you'll nurse with next as a reminder. The patterns are cute, too. I also bought a pack of washable nursing pads and they're a nice large size so they don't slip around in my bra and move out of place.
Jonellie J.
Great with the twins!!
So practical!! This would've been great with the twins!!
Buy TWO!
My advice is to buy TWO NursElet to make dual pumping super easier. I'm a working mom and I need to pump two times in a day. NursElet is a lifesaver. Hands-free and stain-free pumping! Can't ask more! Thank you.
Patricia G.
I love how well they hold up my shirts, especially my softer flowy style shirts (which is mainly what I wear since I'm recovering from a c-section). Plus I love that they double as a cute bracelet. NursElets will be at the top of my list for baby shower gifts from here on out!
Erin Wice on
Awesome love it
Love this great for its purpose
Angela F.
Can't wait to use!
I got the double pack since a friend of mine is due the same month as me so we can both enjoy the benefits of NursElet!! I love the patterns and the ease of use (had to try it out even though I'm not nursing yet!). I can't wait to use it!! And I love that it will make a pretty bracelet to mark which side I nursed on last!! Such a simple, but smart product!!
Wonderful customer service
I cannot believe how kind I was treated through this process! Love the fabrics, designs, products and the way I was treated. Highly recommend
Jessica Bowman
Thank you!
I think you’re a genius! This is my 6th baby and I feel I have needed this my whole life! I don't have to grab my ***** to find out which side to nurse on lol.
Lindsay Keeler
Like having an extra hand!
As a first time mother I was struggling with breastfeeding. I sat topless in my house because I hadn't figured out how to nurse with clothes on. I then graduated to wearing only button down tops, but they were all long sleeve and with summer approaching I needed something else. The nurselet has changed my life! I can now wear tshirts and nurse. I feel more confident nursing in public. I also can now manage, more easily, cradling a floppy newborn, outing on my nipple shield and ensuring my shirt is out of the way! Such a simple and inexpensive problem solver. I bought an extra to give to a friend who expressed similar nursing issues!
Emily Zitsch
Great product, personable service
I ordered two NursElets and I'm very happy with them! I'm a first time mom and they have made nursing my newborn much easier. I love the stylish patterns. Great product, shipped quickly and came with a handwritten note. Highly recommend.
We cannot thank enough for your support. One of our way of saying THANK YOU is by giving away a NursElet every week. All you have to do is submit the form below and look out on your email to see whether you're winner!! No purchase necessary for this offer.